Mens Chastity Device

Fear of Mens Chastity Device

I have a mens chastity device sitting in my dresser that I bought a few months ago, but the thing looks a bit too scary in real life to put on. When I saw it on the website, I thought it would be fun to try out and see what it would be like, but once it showed up in the mail, it was almost frightening to think of what it was going to be used for. I just can’t seem to bring myself to actually put it on as I get the feeling that it is going to be rather painful.

Mens chastity device fat vagina look swimwear / underwear

Mens chastity device fat pussy look swimwear / underwear

I know that a lot of men out there use mens chastity devices on a regular basis and that they don’t have any problems with them, but I’m not like all those other guys. If something can go wrong when I am trying something new out, then it more than likely will go wrong. I had to have a cock ring surgically cut off at the hospital because I ended up getting one that was a bit too small and my erection wouldn’t go down. So I can imagine what something like this would end up doing to me. Maybe I should purchase a bigger sized one to see how that would fit first? Or maybe I should just man up and put this one on.

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