Mens Chastity Device Dilemmas


I have been looking for a mens chastity device that I can feel comfortable wearing on vacation as I tend to go a little crazy. I have been known to wake up in a completely different town without any knowledge of how I got there or who I was with previously. So wearing something like this would go a long way in making sure that nothing bad happens to me. Of course the only way I could make absolutely sure is by leaving my key at home in a safe place.

The thing is that I need a mens chastity device that I can wear through airport security. When I go on vacation, I make sure to go as far away from my home as I can possibly get. Otherwise, it isn’t much of a vacation for me. Finding something that I can wear through airport security these days has been a bit difficult especially when I usually get pulled out of line for a pat down more times than not. If I was wearing something like this and they decided I needed extra screening, then I am sure they would think that it was some kind of underwear bomb or something.

I guess I could take my mens chastity device with me in my luggage and hide the key away when I get to the hotel but I’m not sure how well that would work, either. Maybe the hotel has a safe deposit type thing in the lobby and I could tell the person at check in that I am not allowed to take the key out until I check out of the hotel. That might work but I am not sure if they would follow my directions or not. You can see my dilemma in trying to figure out a way of making all of this work out for me. However, I will persevere in my endeavor to solve these issues.


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Feeling Secure with a Mens Chastity Device


One of the things I like about wearing a mens chastity device is the security I feel. My life is so busy these days that having a sense of security in any way makes me feel like I can accomplish just about anything. I know that some people would feel confined by wearing something of this nature all day long, but it truly is a liberating experience once you get used to it. Although getting used to wearing a device of this type might take some people a bit of time; it’s still worth the effort as far as I am concerned.

If you have never thought about wearing a mens chastity device, then you probably feel that everything in your life is going as planned. I used to think that way as well before I realized that I was missing out on a lot of things. I look back on those days now and wonder why I ever thought I could get along without wearing a chastity device. Of course, I didn’t know anything about them back then, which made it a lot easier for me to ignore what I was missing out on for the most part.

I would highly recommend finding a mens chastity device that you can feel comfortable in and giving it a shot. You don’t have to go for any of those scary designs that more advanced users are wearing these days. Just pick out something that you will feel comfortable wearing and see what it can bring into your life. You might finally be able to realize your full potential with something like this if you are open minded enough to accept it. Besides, they really are a lot of fun to wear out in public and that sense of security you can get will make everything seem better.

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The Things a Mens Chastity Device Can Bring into Your Life

I love wearing my mens chastity device everywhere I go. Some people that know I wear one of these think that I am a very strange guy but that honestly doesn’t bother me. I feel that I am doing something that I need to do in order to make my life better. Sure, it may sound a bit awkward to anyone that doesn’t wear a chastity device, but if they tried one on for a few days, they would see how fantastic they are. They would also realize that they can do everything they normally do even though their cock is locked up inside a cage.

Now, I am sure there are some guys that wonder how wearing a mens chastity device could make their lives better. The first thing I will tell you is that you don’t have to worry about what your cock is doing anymore. If you are like me and have a cock that will get hard without any notice, it can be a bit awkward when you are out in public. On the other hand, while wearing a chastity device you won’t have to worry about that happening since you can’t get an erection with one on.

The second thing about wearing a mens chastity device that will help you better your life is the self-confidence that you can gain from wearing one. It is absolutely amazing to think that wearing something like this can make you feel like a completely different guy and give you the confidence to go out there and live your life the way you have always wanted to without worry. I was skeptical about it at first but, after wearing a device for about a week, I saw the power it held for me and what I could do with my life because of it. That’s when I committed to wearing one and never looked back.


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Wearing My Mens Chastity Device and Loving It


I have worn quite a few mens chastity device styles over the years and can’t think of any reason not to wear them. I will admit that I was a little scared to try one on for the first time, but after a few days they become a part of who you are. Once you get used to wearing these devices, you start to wonder what other designs are going to feel like and you will end up spending a lot of time online looking at those other designs. Just make sure the ones you purchase are ones that you can handle wearing.

I have had moments when I purchased a mens chastity device that I wasn’t ready for and it isn’t the most pleasant thing in my life. In fact, there was one particular device that I simply couldn’t get into at all and had to remove it. I couldn’t even go more than an hour before it became so unbearable to me that I had to take it off and put it away. I have tried to wear it again over the years, but it still doesn’t feel all that great so I don’t wear it for very long.

However, that doesn’t stop me from trying out new mens chastity device designs whenever I get the chance. I love exploring my chastity fetish in unique ways and that means looking for more designs to try out. There are some that I am not ready for and there are some that I find more comfortable than others. But the fact that I am adventurous enough to actually try these devices shows me that there are still things in my life that I need to learn to focus on. Thankfully, wearing these devices gives me the confidence to do just that.

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Experience True Liberation with a Mens Chastity Device

Experience True Liberation with a Mens Chastity Device

I find that wearing a mens chastity device can be a very freeing experience. Sure, I am locking my cock up inside a cage and there isn’t anything freeing about that, but I am able to let my mind go places that it never could go before. I was always thinking about sexual aspects in my life before I started wearing one of these devices and, when doing so, I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything else around me. But putting my device on allows me to have the ability to concentrate on other things and not focus on sex as much.

Some guys might think that wearing a mens chastity device is more about submission and that is perfectly fine. You can feel however you want to about wearing devices like this; I just prefer to look at it a bit differently than most other people. I think that accepting the fact that you are wearing a device that keeps you from getting an erection is much easier than trying your best to find ways of getting around it. You are taking your sexual behavior under full control with one of these things, after all.

For those guys that don’t understand what it means to wear a mens chastity device and force yourself to not think about sex anymore; take your time in choosing the right device. It can be quite annoying for some guys to go through something like this and, if you get the wrong style of device, then you are going to have even more issues. On the other hand, if you really want to experience what your life could be like without those constant thoughts of sex impeding your progress, then join the rest of us and wear a device that makes you feel as free as you could ever feel in your life.

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Trying Out a Mens Chastity Device

Trying Out a Mens Chastity Device

If you haven’t ever tried using a mens chastity device, then you need to consider at least trying one. These devices are some of the most interesting things you will ever find these days. I have tried out a lot of different fetishes in my life, but using something that locks my cock up so that I can’t use it is probably the most entertaining thing ever. It was a bit difficult for me to get used to in the beginning but, after a few days of wearing it, I was able to just about forget that I had it on.

I have read that a lot of guys out there that are using a mens chastity device have some kind of training with it, but I chose not to go down that path. The main reason is that I don’t know anyone that would be willing to train me or even know anything about these devices. I just put it on and went about my day like nothing had changed. That might have been why it was so difficult for me to get used to wearing it for the first two or three days, but that’s just the type of guy I am.

I did find that there were way more choices in the mens chastity device items than I thought possible. I must have looked through hundreds of different designs before being able to finally choose one that would work for me. The funny thing is I went with one of those camouflaged designs as a kind of inside joke. No one is going to get the chance to see it, but if I get lost in the woods, I can walk around with no clothes on and no one would be able to see my cock. At least that was the joke I was telling myself when I picked it out.


Taking a Break from Your Mens Chastity Device

Taking a Break from Your Mens Chastity Device

I love wearing my mens chastity device but there are times when I need to relax a bit and go a few days without wearing it. When you have been wearing a chastity device as long as I have you will find that there are times when you simply need to take the cage off and let your cock experience that sensation of freedom. Most guys that are involved in the chastity lifestyle will tell you that you have to wear these devices for as long as you can possibly handle it. I, on the other hand, like to give myself a treat from time to time by taking it off for a few days.

When you first take your mens chastity device off after wearing it or a long period of time you are going to feel a bit out of sorts. Everything that you have learned to ignore in the hopes of not getting an erection will come flooding back to you. You are going to have to take control of your willpower and make sure that you can handle something like this before you decide to break with your chastity lifestyle. Some guys simply can’t handle giving up their chastity device even if it is for only a few days.

I have learned that getting a break from my mens chastity device is one thing that I can truly look forward to. While I do enjoy wearing my device, probably more than I honestly should, I still like those moments when I can put it off to the side and simply enjoy my life. It takes a very special kind of guy to be able to recognize something like this in himself and, once you do, you will understand why guys like me decide to take breaks from our chastity device. Just don’t get too comfortable with it off or you might not put it back on again.



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Attachment to My Mens Chastity Device

Attachment to My Mens Chastity Device

One of the favorite moments in my life was when I put on my first ever mens chastity device. My partner at the time had decided that we needed to change things up a bit and wanted to try something a bit more adventurous in the bedroom. The decision to use a chastity device came as a shock to me as I couldn’t understand how locking up my cock would be adventurous, but it turned out to be one of the most exciting nights in the bedroom I have ever had. Of course, it did take some getting used to at first.

If you have never worn a mens chastity device, then you are going to be in for a very strange evening. The fact that you are locking your cock up is one thing, but when you realize that the whole function of this device is to make sure that you can’t get an erection anymore, you start to wonder if you had made the right decision in trying it on. If you have given your key to someone else, it makes it even more difficult to determine if you are making the right choice in your life because you know you aren’t going to be getting it back any time soon.

Once I was used to wearing the mens chastity device, everything seemed to fall into place for me. I wasn’t exactly sure that I wanted to keep wearing it for long periods of time, but I was excited about wearing it for that night. It’s been a couple of years since that first night with my device and I have been wearing it faithfully ever since. I do take it off from time to time to get a break from it but, for the most part, I have continued to wear it for as long as possible. It has certainly been an exciting experience for me.


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Choosing the Right Mens Chastity Device

Choosing the Right Mens Chastity Device

Using a mens chastity device was something I wasn’t too sure about trying out for the first time, but I was so curious about what it would be like that I simply had to go through with it regardless. I have spent my entire life walking around with an uncontrollable cock and seeing that there were items actually available to buy that would keep that uncontrollable cock in check made me wonder if my life could finally be normal like everyone else’s. I even dreamt about what it would be like to wear one when I went to sleep at night.

The thoughts of using a mens chastity device plagued me throughout the day as well and I finally had enough of wondering what it would be like to wear one. That resulted in me making the decision to just order one and get it over with. The only issue I had with this plan is that there are so many different designs on the market, that I didn’t know which one I should pick. I was looking for something simple and yet unique enough that a beginner could feel comfortable with it. I found a lot of devices that a guy could try on for the first time but they really weren’t all that unique.

I did finally make a decision on which mens chastity device I should try out for the first time, although I was expecting something a bit different when I put it on. I thought it would lock my cock in place to the point where it wouldn’t even attempt to get an erection, but that wasn’t exactly what was happening. I could still feel the sensation of getting an erection in this device but the device was able to put a stop to the physical aspect of having an erection. It was just the pressure that continued as my cock tried to break free. It was a rather interesting experience but I feel it’s all been exactly what I needed.


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Taking Responsibility with a Mens Chastity Device

Taking Responsibility with a Mens Chastity Device

I have found that wearing my mens chastity device is the only thing that keeps me sane anymore. I used to be one of the wildest guys I ever knew and that meant I was constantly waking up in someone else’s bed after a long night of drinking. Now I am not saying that is a bad thing, but there comes a time in your life when you need to grow up just a bit and start taking some responsibility for your actions. I decided that wearing a chastity device would be the perfect way for me to do just that.

I have been wearing my mens chastity device for almost two years now and haven’t had one instance of being in some stranger’s bed yet. I find that my life has become much easier for me to live happily and that is huge progress for me. I don’t have to come up with excuses anymore as to why I need to leave first thing in the morning or why I don’t feel comfortable giving that person my phone number. I don’t even have to worry about who I just slept with and whether or not they are going to turn into some kind of a psycho stalker or something.

I have to say that ever since I started wearing my mens chastity device I have been able to meet new people without instantly trying to get them into bed too. It was a rather strange turning point for me in my life but it was one that I definitely needed to make. Some guys may be fine with being out with a different person every single night, but I am ready to find that one special person that I can finally settle down with. I just hope they don’t mind me wearing my chastity device all the time.


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